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Bird Girl

I Participant a collaborative project with external partner “ESRI” to make a promotional video in Spring 2017.

Bird Girl is cast in bronze and stands 50 inches (130 cm) tall. She is the tour guide of Savannah in our project. 

I responsible character modeling, shadering and texture. Also participant storyboarding and motion capture.

Software: Maya, Zbrush, Arnold, basic model from Fuse



Jan.13, 2017

discussed with Grace

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01 002.jpg
003 001.jpg
004 001.jpg

Character 01: Bonaventure Girl


So where is the “Bird Girl?”

If the citizens of Savannah Georgia had to choose a single, iconic image to represents the city, you would be hard pressed to find a Savannahian that would not choose photographer Jack Leigh’s 1993 image titled “Midnight.”

Leigh’s photograph depicts a grave monument in Bonaventure cemetery featuring a bronze statue of a slender girl in a full length dress, holding a pair of bowls in outstretched arms.  Commonly known  as the “Bird Girl,” the statue is one of four, originally cast in 1936 by sculpture Sylvia Shaw Judson.  Savannah’s “Bird Girl” was purchased by a local family,  who named it “Little Wendy” and set it up at their family plot in Bonaventure Cemetery.

Little Wendy sat in Bonaventure Cemetery for over half a century, virtually unnoticed, until Random House Publishing commissioned Leigh to shoot the cover image of John Berendt‘s new book, Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil.

Berendt suggested Leigh search Bonaventure Cemetery for a suitable subject. After two days of searching, Leigh located Little Wendy on a family plot towards the back of the cemetery.  Since it was nearly dusk, Leigh had to compose quickly to get his shot, but the resulting image would make Leigh famous.

When “The Book” (as it’s known to local Savannahian’s) was released, it became an immediate international hit, and the eerie cover photo only added to the book’s legacy and mystique.  Berendt called Leigh’s image “one of the strongest book covers I’ve ever seen.”

As the book became a runaway best seller, fans soon began flocking to Bonaventure Cemetery to see the Bird Girl for themselves. Out of concern about possible vandalism or theft of the statue, not to mention increased foot traffic the grave plot was receiving, the family removed Little Wendy from Bonaventure, and donated her to the Telfair Museum of Art in Savannah for public display.



Script (1st edition by Adrienne)  Jan. 23, 2017

2nd edition

Hello, my name is Little Wendy, I also have another common known name called the "Bird Girl".

(AR "+more about Bird Girl"; "maps"; "historical stories")

I was purchased by Lucy Boyd Trosdal for the family plot in Bonaventure Cemetery. My everyday life at there was pretty simply, feeding birds, talking with ghost, hearing Johnny Mercer's new songs... oh, by the way, Little Gracie is my best friend. These peaceful days lasted 55 years, until Jack Leigh took a photo of me at a midnight of 1993. It was published as the cover image of John Berendt's non-fiction book Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil. As the book became a runaway best seller, thousands of visitors flocked to Bonaventure Cemetery to see me. But one day, I suddenly disappeared. Someone said I was stolen, someone said I really turned to a ghost and walk away!

(AR "+what happened"; "end")

(Chuckle) Actually, out of concern about sanctity of the site (copied), the Trosdal family loaned me to the Jepson Center for the Arts.

(AR "Jepson Center "; "End" )

Render AR_W_s1, AR_W_s2, AR_W_s3


render time: 9:10-19:40

Issue 1: objects have different location, different size

solution: in order to match camera, rotate and scale Bird Girl model

Issue 2: from issue 1, need to rotate envi_ball for every camera, modified light (hard to make them to be same in three cameras)

Solution: rotate envi_ball and lights, rerender camera AR_W_s2, AR_W_s3


modify bird girl model for rigging



issue 1: need torso for rigging

solution: added torso (under the dress)for her and linked siblings

issue 2:need to redo UV and texture for rigging model


issue 1: hdri maps are the old, need modify bird girl shader to match new model

solution: got the new fountain hdri map

issue 2: no shadow from bird girl to the fountain

solution: build a fountain, render shadow render layer

issue 3: AR_W_s1,  AR_W_s3 (AR_W_s2 delated) don't match the video

solution: waiting for the new tracks and rerender...

Feb. 3

1. Solved "Render AR_W_s1, AR_W_s2, AR_W_s3

Jan.31" problem


  • put Bird Girl model in Nuke as objects to track shot 1&3

  • input shots and objects to Maya from Nuke

  • Use Maya original model to replace Nuke model 

  • in order to get reality shadow from Bird Girl to fountain, added texture and shader to it.

  • added shadow alpha layer, shadow color layer and shader layer

2. Participated "a group of ghost" shooting

Feb. 7

1.Participated motion capture

Feb. 13-20

 finished a horse model



March 6


Vinita Ganapathy.png
Harry Perry.png


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